Using A Free Standing Pull Up Bar

Using A Free Standing Pull Up Bar

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Free Standing Pull Up Bar Makes Perfect Sense

Using A Free Standing Pull Up Bar
Using A Free Standing Pull Up Bar

If you are wanting to do your own chin up and pull up bar routines in your own home, you are going to need to invest in a pull up bar of some sorts.

There are many options available to you

Some of these require bolting to the wall, ceiling or floor. Others are the attachable bars that go on doorways and also the free-standing pull-up bars/ chin-up bars that you can have in your own home.  You might consider using free-standing kinds as they offer you some advantages.


Advantages of Freestanding Pull-Up Bars

A free standing pull up bar doesn’t need any other equipment to be held up at all.  It can be placed in any room or garage supporting your weight on it.

It can provide you with everything you need for any type of pull up bar workout.  Some enjoy knowing that it’s not attached to anything and feel a bit more secure on these compared to other kinds.

They are:

  • relatively light
  • portable
  • versatile, with multiple exercise options
  • no need to fix anything to walls or ceilings

Many find confidence in the free standing bars knowing that they can really pull and swing quite a bit on the bar without it falling to the ground.  This confidence for some provides a better workout.


Also, most free standing pull up bars come with more exercises than just pull ups and chin ups.  Many also come with the ability to do dips and other exercises.  Some will also have racks where you can place your weights keeping your home gym a bit more organized.

This workout equipment can be used like any other pull up bar.  Making use of various grips will exercise different muscle groups whenever you are doing your pull ups and chin ups on this type of equipment.

Getting a free standing pull up bar with a wide range of grips is a huge advantage as it can give your workout more options.  It’s a good idea to add in a variety of these exercises to your routine.

Although other types of pull up bars can deliver results, you might look into a free standing bar to gain a few of the advantages that they tend to provide.

There are many advantages of a free-standing pull-up bar for your home. In fact, unless you’re a serious gym-goer it’s all you will need.

If you’re serious about your upper body workout the check out the Chin Up Bars on Amazon or read more Pull Up Bar Reviews

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