Pull Up Bar Workout Routine

Using Pull Up Bars As Part Of Your Exercise & Pull Up Bar Workout Routine

If you are trying to work out and get back into shape, using something like a pull up bar can definitely help you perform some exercises that you almost can’t get from any other place. This is why having access to a pull up bar is necessary to help you workout in a much better way.

Most people will use the pull up bars at the gym if they are going regularly.

For those without a gym membership you are able to get pull up bars that fit into a doorway or freestanding ones that are typically connected to home gym equipment. Either of these options work as long as your weight can be supported by them.

Pull Up Bar Workout Routine

There are a wide variety of exercises that you can do with a pull up bar. The basic two are going to be the pull up and the pull-up and the chin-up.

A pull-up is performed whenever your palms are facing away from your body which doesn’t use the biceps as much putting more emphasis on the back muscles.

The chin-up is the opposite. Your palms are facing towards you and these tend to be a little easier for most people to perform.

To get the most out of a pull up bar workout, you are going to have to use different techniques of these two basic exercises. You have many different options.

The width of your grip changes the exercise.

If you make a more narrow grip it will work different muscles compared to when you use a much wider grip.

Some uses towels to hang from the bars. This is an advanced technique that helps improve your grip and makes each of the exercises much more difficult. Experts should only try this one after mastering all the other techniques.

If the exercises are too easy adding body vests is a common approach since it will allow you to have more weight that you are able to pull up each time.

Start off with the standard pull-up and chin-up within your routine and start doing variations from there to get the most results.


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