power tower exercise equipment for home gyms

Power Tower Exercise Equipment

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Looking at the huge variety of exercise equipment available on the market, you can be excused for being confused about which is best for you.

So we are taking a look at the options available in the power tower range of home gym equipment.

Workout Tower

In our opinion, these free standing pull up towers offer the best value for money if you’re setting up a home gym and have the space needed.



The main benefit of these workout towers is there versatility.

Depending on the model you choose, you have the ability to perform multiple exercises on the one piece of equipment, giving you a more complete workout session.

Value for Money

Spending a bit extra to buy one good quality combination pull up dip station power tower can save you time, money and space when setting up your gym.

Space Saving

One of the lesser-acknowledged benefits is that you don’t have to mount these stations to anything. Most are free-standing and self-supporting making it an easy transition if you choose to move out of the current location.

Power Tower Dimensions for home gym use

Power Tower Dip Station

Power Tower Dip Station

As the name suggests, the power tower dip station is designed so you can do pull ups, dips, crunches, chin ups and a wide range of other exercises on the 1 piece home gym equipment.

Because they need to be sturdy in construction the one main negative factor with them is the weight. They can often be delivered in large boxes and then need to be assembled.

Assembly is straight forward and the companies selling them are only too happy to help.

Choosing the right Power Tower for You

There are some simple considerations when picking the right tower for your situation. We have reviewed some here. Freestanding Pull up bar reviews

  1. How much room do you have: Are you looking for a quick upper body workout in your apartment or are you building a home gym? If you’re building a home gym, then maybe a pull up dip station with more versatility is something to consider, and if you’re limited on room and looking for a quick upper body workout, then reach for a simple stand or even a doorway pull up bar
  2. How many workouts per week will you do: If you do dips multiple times a week, then look for a pull up dip station power tower that has high weight capacity and strong construction. If you are intending to use it regularly then investing in a better quality power tower can be worth every penny in the long run. 

As you can see there are many options when choosing what kind of pull up tower station to select.

A simple check list to help you get started is

  • How much room do you have
  • How often will you use it
  • What kind of workout will you be doing
  • How much do you weigh

Come up with your search criteria and then go to somewhere like Amazon and start searching. Amazon also allows you to read reviews written by real users and you should be able to gauge which one will be just right for your needs.

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