Over Door Pull Up Bar

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Doorway Pull Up Bar

There are 2 types of over door pull up bar that fit into this category

  1. Those that extend out between the door frame (Extension)
  2. “Over Doorway” Those that use the leverage of the person’s weight to keep them in place (Leverage)

What to look for in an Over Door Pull Up Bar

The main reason you might choose a doorway pull up bar is because of it portable nature. You can just carry it with you and set it up in any suitable doorway. This makes it easier to continue your exercise schedule no matter where you may travel.

This makes it important to consider the intended use before you purchase. Some of the door frame (extension) type bars require you to screw a bracket into the door frame to ensure safe mounting. (the bar can be removed but the bracket stays in place)

If you rent a house or are in a dorm room you may also want to consider if the parts of the device that touch the wall could cause damage in any way.

Finally you may also consider the weight capacity of the device to ensure you won’t collapse it on first use.

Featured Products

In the comparison chart, we looked at the most popular Pull Up bars and listed the vital stats of each. In this section, we will list the bars from the comparison table and link them to a more in-depth article about each bar.

Over Door Pull up Bar Reviews

We have broken up the matrix into the following 6 most important columns:

  • Picture & Name – Nothing gives you an idea of what you are looking for better than a picture
  • Price – As the price of the pull-up bars can change regularly due to discounts, etc we have put them into price bands:
    • $ = Under $30
    • $$ = $30 – $100
    • $$$ = Over $100
  • Type Of Bar
  • Max Weight The Bar Can Handle (pounds)
  • Bar Weight (pounds)
  • Average Rating – Average rating from Amazon buyers. A high rating normally indicates buyer satisfaction

Doorway Pull-up Bars Comparison Table

Pullup Bar Name and ImagePriceType of BarMax
Bar Shipping
Where to Buy
Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar
Iron Gym Total Upper Body
Workout Bar
$$Leverage300 lbs5.3 lbs4.3Check on Amazon
Perfect Fitness Multi Gym Puulup Bar
Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym
Doorway Pull Up Bar
$$Leverage300 lbs7.4 lbs4.2Check on Amazon
Pure Fitness Doorway Pull Up Bar Review
Pure Fitness Multi-Purpose
Doorway Pull-Up Bar

$$Leverage250 lbs4.4 lbs4.1Check on Amazon
Sunny Health & Fitness Door Way Chin Up and Pull Up Bar
Sunny Health & Fitness
Door Way Chin Up and Pull Up Bar
$Extension220 lbs2.85 lbs4.0Check on Amazon