Iron Gym Pull Up Bar Reviews

Iron Gym Pull Up Bar Reviews

Many people want to incorporate pull ups and chin ups into their workout routines at home but typically don’t have the equipment that is needed to be able to support their weight properly and safely. This has been a long problem for many until products like the Iron Gym pull up bar were invented.

Why are these a great option?

These pull up bars will fit into your standard doorway in your home. This means that you don’t have to have any freestanding equipment or additional parts to safely have a secure pull up bar in your own home so that you can continue your workouts getting in the types of exercises you really want.

What are the different types of Iron Gym pull up bars?

The original is still a great choice. You can get in most of the exercises you want using the three grip positions that it provides you utilizing a narrow, neutral, or wide grip. This is a very highly reviewed piece of home gym equipment as it has many happy owners.

Pull Up Bar Reviews

The device can also be removed from the doorway easily and used for crunches and other exercises as well. Since there are no bolts onto your walls, it travels easily and can go from room to room without issues.

Later on as people wanted a few more features from this pull up bar, the Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar Extreme Edition was invented. This is the same as the original except it has a few additional features. This provides more grips so that the user will be able to get more exercises performed on the equipment.

It can also hold additional weight which is good for those who might be a bit larger. Just like the other version, this also has extremely high reviews from users.

If you have been thinking about getting a more expensive freestanding pull up bar, you could consider the Iron Gym varieties first as they might be able to provide you with the exercises that you are really hoping to do. Read about the various models to get the type of pull up bar that you really want in your home.


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