Door Frame Pull Up Bars Reviews

Door Frame Pull Up Bars Reviews

Many people put together their own home gyms so that they are able to workout at home or even take equipment with them to maintain their workouts. One piece of equipment that has grown in popularity in recent years are the door frame pull up bars.

These are simple devices that attach to a door frame. So that you are able to perform your pull up and chin up exercises on them. Typically they do not require to be bolted onto the door. Which means they are portable from one location to another. This is also nice as you don’t have to leave a bar across one of the door frames in your home all the time.

There are many makes and models of these types of devices today. Many of the same features are found on the most popular versions.

The Creative Fitness Door Gym is your standard door frame pull up bar

It’s a very popular versions since it will give you the bar you want for your workouts at a fairly inexpensive price. It doesn’t include the features that others offer, but it does this one job really well with high customer satisfaction.

Pull Up Bars Reviews

The Iron Gym Extreme Edition Workout Bar is one of the most full featured pull up bars that you can put on your door frame right now. The advantage to one like this is that you have multiple points where you are able to grip the bar. Each grip will work different muscles providing for a more diverse workout.

You may also look at the Maximum Fitness Gear All-In-One Doorway Chin-Up Bar. This also has the diverse grips that you will see on the more advanced models. What is nice about this model compared to others is that you can take the pull up bar down and use it for your ab routine as well. This is a more full featured piece of workout equipment.

While the extra features of some of the nicer models are nice. Any door frame pull up bar should be able to offer you the basic exercises that you are looking for so that you can continue to workout at home and get results.


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