Pull Up Bar Reviews Your Buying Guide.

Free Standing Pull Up Bar

We look at the different types of pull up bar tower and stands available and give a comprehensive review of each. This is an ongoing process so join our mailing list to receive the latest reviews.

Over the Door Pull Up Bar

Doorway bars are probable the most common type of pull up bar purchased these days. They are portable and can easily be used in house, apparments and even at the office.

Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Perfect pull ups are achievable on a solid wall mounted pull up bar. For the slightly more serious pull up enthusiast they make the ideal addition to the home gym. 

About the Author

During my younger days playing competitive Rugby, going to the gym wasn't a big thing. Doing body weight training was the most useful thing we had to do. It served me well. So now I have taken to looking at the different body weight training equipment options available now and reviewing them for you to save you time.

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