Using Pull Up Bars As Part Of Your Exercise Routine


If you are trying to work out and get back into shape, using something like a pull up bar can definitely help you perform some exercises that you almost can’t get from any other place.  This is why having access to a pull up bar is necessary to help you workout in a much better […]

Using A Free Standing Pull Up Bar


If you are wanting to do your own chin up and pull up bar routines in your own home, you are going to need to invest in a pull up bar of some sorts.  There are the attachable bars that go on doorways and also the free standing pull up bars that you can have […]

Iron Gym Pull Up Bar

iron gym

Many people want to incorporate pull ups and chin ups into their workout routines at home but typically don’t have the equipment that is needed to be able to support their weight properly and safely.  This has been a long problem for many until products like the Iron Gym pull up bar were invented. Why […]

Door Frame Pull Up Bars

door frame pull up bar

Many people put together their own home gyms so that they are able to workout at home or even take equipment with them to maintain their workouts.  One piece of equipment that has grown in popularity in recent years are the door frame pull up bars. These are simple devices that attach to a door […]