Discover The Best Pull Up Bar – Pull Up Bar Reviews

So you are looking for a pull up bar, but do not know which one to get? Well, I cannot blame you! There are so many different kinds of pull up bars on the market today. I mean, free standing, doorway, wall mounted, floor flexibility, the list goes on…

And all you want to do are some pull ups as you have heard that it is one of the best upper body exercises around. Well, it is one of the best, which is why I have decided to pull together the top 5 pull up bars where every kind of bar is featured.

The analysis in the chart below will ensure that you pick the best pull up bar for you. So whatever your budget and whichever bar you want, have a look below and find your perfect pull up bar!

Top 5 Pull Up Bars

We have broken up the matrix into the following 6 most important columns:

  • Picture & Name – Nothing gives you an idea of what you are looking for better than a picture
  • Price – As the price of the pull up bars can change regularly due to discounts, etc we have put them into price bands:
    • $ = Under $30
    • $$ = $30 – $100
    • $$$ = Over $100
  • Type Of Bar
  • Max Weight The Bar Can Handle (pounds)
  • Bar Weight (pounds)
  • Average Rating – Average rating from Amazon buyers. A high rating normally indicates buyer satisfaction


Pull Up Bar
Max Weight
Bar Weight
Ave Review

Stamina 1690 Power Tower

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar
$Doorway & Floor30044.1

Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

Maximum Muscle Trainer Wall-Mounted Pull Up Bar
$Wall Mounted300154.0

Iron Gym - Extreme Edition
$$Doorway & Floor30083.9

There are so many different kinds of pull up bars available on the market that the above list only scratches the surface. I have tried to include the best pull up bars from all the types of bars you get at different price points and only premium quality bars from reputable manufacturers were included.

So why have I chosen the Stamina 1690 Power Tower as the best pull up bar?

Well, it is a true workout station and you can do all kinds of other exercises on it apart from pull ups, like push ups, tricep dips, sit ups, vertical knee raises and so forth.

It also has a very high customer rating and a large number of reviews, which means people like you like it and think it is a good buy. You cannot get more objective than that!

As a trade-off it is on the more expensive side compared to plain pull up bars, but it is one of the cheapest free standing bars/workout stations on the market so it does not break the bank.

The Best Pull Up Bar

“Initially I used one of those doorway pull up bars, and in all honesty it is an excellent piece of equipment that you can use to train many pull up variations, and is even suitable to train front levers and back levers. Heck, I still use my doorway bar in my bedroom closet. However, if you spend a lot of time doing this stuff and you want a little more versatility and elbow room, this tower fits the bill nicely without costing an arm and a leg.”


How To Find A Pull Up Bar That Meets Your Needs

The best pull up bar for me would not necessarily be the best pull up bar for you. That is why we have added 5 pull up bars to the interactive chart above.

Maybe you cannot afford the absolute best pull up bar, but the one you can afford is almost just as good. Maybe you do not like something specific on the top pull up bar. It does not matter. The chart puts the power to select the best pull up bar for you in your hands.

Type Of Bar

The 3 main types of pull up bars are:

  1. Doorway Bars – these hook unto a doorway and is easily removable. However, this can also be a drawback as some of these bars do not stick securely to the doorway. The last thing you want is to land flat on your back while doing a pull up! Get a good quality bar if you want one of these! Some of these bars can also be used on the floor for pushups, sit ups, etc.
  2. Free Standing Bars – As the name implies, these are really exercise stations that incorporate a pull up bar with various other exercise aids. Although they are a bit more expensive than plain bars it can offer a great full body workout, something plain bars cannot do. Make sure you have enough space if you want one of these!
  3. Wall Mounted Bars – These bars bolt directly into a wall and becomes a permanent fixture.  I don’t like them so I might be a bit biased, but I have heard stories of these bars not staying in the wall. Also, it just feels like the wall is in the way when you do your pull ups. Bolt these to a garage or outbuilding wall. Your partner will not be happy to have a pull up bar bolted to the living room wall!

Maximum Weight That The Bar Can Take

Ok, this should not be that much of a problem unless you are very heavy. Most bars can take 250 – 300 lbs, but check carefully as there are a few bars with a 200 or 220 lbs limit.

What Types Of Exercises Can You Do With Pull Up Bars?

How long is a piece of string?

It really depends on which bar you get. Obviously all the bars will allow you to do pull ups and chin ups. With some you will be  able to do pushups, sit ups, leg and knee raises and tricep dips. Check out the critical stats on the individual pull up bar review pages for a list of exercises you can do with each bar.

Our best pull up bar, the Stamina 1690 Power Tower, retails for just over $100. If that is a bit pricey, a good second choice is the Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar, for around $30.